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Whats a good birthday gift for boyfriends elderly grandma??

We%26#039;re throwing a surprise party in her hometown this May Well boyfriends mom planned all this trying to bring her crazy sibilings together and family and friends its sweet though.

i believe she%26#039;ll be in mid-late 70%26#039;s she a wonderful lady and she loves when her grandson and me come see her she lost her husband last year whom she depended on the most the back bone to that family. They worry she may not be round for long and this is something special she deserves, i thought trying to show up although moneys tight for him and i to fly right now..would be a nice gift in itself but if we cant what can we do to tell her we wish we could be there and what kind of gift can we send? If we do make it and see her is bouquet of flowers lovely card maybe picture of us nice even 2 send?? My b/f mom thinks we can just up %26amp; leave but we told her bout our situation they%26#039;re flying ova there %26amp; husband told us dont worry bout tickets. Is it right to let him pay for us too if we cant? we dont want that

Whats a good birthday gift for boyfriends elderly grandma??
Maybe you can make her a beautiful gift basket, I%26#039;m not sure if she likes to get her nails or hair done, but a gift certificate to her favorite place, plus some nice lotions and body washes always seem to be appreciated.

If she likes jewelry, you can go to Macy%26#039;s and buy her a beautiful pin (costume jewelry, not expensive, but it looks nice)

You can also get her an extra cozy pair of pajamas and slippers

I think the idea of giving her a beautiful frame with the picture is a WONDERFUL idea. You can also send her a fruit basket, or they also sell baskets with fresh jams/jellies and english muffins... Look into GIFTS.COM, you can put in your price range and see if there%26#039;s anything in particular.
Reply:Yes, let his parents pay, if it is that important that you are there. Pick out a beautiful shawl, pashmina and a brooch or pin to go on it, try to be meaningful. This won%26#039;t be expensive or heavy to carry with you. Your energy and happiness are what she will cherish the most grandma is 85, I gave her a webtv, its easy to use, easy to see, and great when they have trouble hearing. I think it really helps with the loneliness too... my grandma loves hers!
Reply:Electric heater pad, $100 cash, new sweater or cardigan, gift cards to supplements, new bedsheet set, tonics, or just flowers if they are well off.
Reply:A bible (if religous) or a card. Do not spend a lot of money %26#039;cause they are old and either they got it and can%26#039;t use it, or never got it %26#039;cause they never wanted it.
Reply:If he thinks it is that important for you to go, then let him pay for you. And you should get her something that is very meaningful. You and your boyfriend should sit down together and discuss ideas of what to get her and things that she likes so that you can get even more ideas! Good luck!!
Reply:try some old movies instead - like movies by Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Roscoe %26#039;Fatty%26#039; Arbuckle, Laurel %26amp; Hardy, Abbott %26amp; Costello - even silent film box sets like -

Slapstick Encylopedia, Slaphappy, The Movies Begin
Reply:How about a scrap book, of the generation she has lived. I am sure she has seen her fair share, and raising children.

This is something that EVERYONE can help do. Nice paper, a book, hit the dollar store, and get some old magazines from resale shop, cut out pictures...use your imagination...and it will be a hit, guaranteed.
Reply:get her a skateboard
Reply:a male stripper
Reply:Boyfriend pays for the flight. You might pitch in here and there with the expenses. Yes, I see nothing wrong with flowers, card and a picture from ya%26#039;ll. Gr%26#039;ma%26#039;s loves stuff like that. If you attend: shawl, brooch. Gr%26#039;ma%26#039;s loves stuff to keep them warm. Footie-socks; Lap throw; Warm lounging pj%26#039;s; Body powder. I know Red Door body powder is expensive, but I once took care of an elderly bedfast lady who had to have her Red Door body powder applied everyday after bathing. She always smelled so nice. Photo Album with some pictures of ya%26#039;ll for starters in it. Some grannies likes pretty aprons; some more active grannies likes the wind-suits, pants and jacket to match. A nice Bible in large print...even nicer to have her name put on it. Grannies aren%26#039;t hard to buy for. The most are very appreciative. Good Luck!
Reply:elegant shoes..

louis vuitton purse..

a cat...

some rare kitchen utencils.

a CHINA plate.

a rice cooker..

a bouqet...

a pot of pansies...


a paintingg. ahah
Reply:perfume. not teenage perfume, nice old grandma stuff
Reply:A real pretty scarf and a pendent to go with it.
Reply:Try giving her a sweater

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POLL/Survey I received virtual flowers and chocs,,,from?

a very kind person on here ,,for my birthday tomorrow,,,what virtual pressy would you send,,,,

How very kind was that??

POLL/Survey I received virtual flowers and chocs,,,from?
Happy Birthday for tomorrow.....I would send you a big chocolate cake made by my other half.....he makes the best chocolate cake
Reply:I personally would like chocolates but thats cos I%26#039;s a chocoholic.

Happy birthday hugs and more
Reply:I would send you a vertual teddy bear singing happy birthday, he was very kind.....
Reply:A dedication? =)
Reply:A pair of wings - all Angels need wings .. !! .xx

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My girlfriend's birthday is today, what should I get her?

Bear in mind she hates flowers and she already has dog.

My girlfriend%26#039;s birthday is today, what should I get her?
engagment ring
Reply:get her a 24 k. gold braclet or a golden flower with her name her on it
Reply:Some really, really nice jewellery and a lovely card.
Reply:chocolate is the answer....
Reply:get her something that you think she would reallty like u know her more than me go for chocolates and jewerly.
Reply:make her something cause even a simple card that you made for her tells her you took the time to make this for me because u love u know
Reply:Give her a pearl necklace.
Reply:dont listen to the jewery girls. get her sometime fun like tickets to a concert, something u can both enjoy.

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Which dress should i choose for my daughters birthday pictures?

She has a pastel colors of blue, green with with a light blue flower on the side, sleeveless. looks eastery and very nice.


whinnie the pooh inbrodery at chest area and bright flowers of blues, pinks, green. sleeveless goes around neck. very cute.

Which dress should i choose for my daughters birthday pictures?
Hey there,

When you look at pictures for years to come, most of them are going to be in cute little dresses, right?

So why not try something that you would look at the picture and say, %26quot;Awww....she looks SO adorable in that lil%26#039; Pooh outfit!%26quot;

I%26#039;d go with the Whinnie the Pooh outfit!!!!!! It will be so innocent and darling!

Good Luck!
Reply:the first sounds cute
Reply:I am sure she%26#039;ll wear whatever you put on her. ~

Why not ask her?

You realize she is NOT a doll?
Reply:The first one

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Whats the best birthday present to buy your girlfriend when you've been together for more than a year?

weve been together for 19 months i have given her everything (chocolates, jewelry, teddies, flowers, cards) i%26#039;m stumped for ideas. I%26#039;ve got 16 days to find a present HELP HELP HELP!!!!

Whats the best birthday present to buy your girlfriend when you%26#039;ve been together for more than a year?
An engagement ring!!!!
Reply:how bout booking yourselves into a health spa (kinda thing for the day). give yourselves a pamper....thats always nice. u have to go to tho really to make it special for her.
Reply:Does she like Pink - as in the female singer......if she does - buy tickets to go see her. I went a week ago and am still on a high and came back and booked more tickets for wembley on 4th dec.

concert tickets, theatre tickets (musicals are always good) we will rock you was fab.

get something that envolves you getting it organised - all she has to do is be ready on time.

Maybe, dinner, shopping to buy her a nice bit of jewelery and a show - then its day all for her. And if you wanna really splash out - hotel it up too. he he.
Reply:Here%26#039;s one, but it%26#039;s gonna cost you.

Tell her that you have a dinner with your co-workers on her birthday and that she must go along with you. This meeting is very important to you because you want to make an impression on the big boss. Tell her that the dress-code is formal. Hire two waitresses for the night. Drive around for a couple of minutes, say about for half an hour. Then pull over and look her in the eye and tell that you forgot where the place is and that you should leave everything. She will be mad at you for being the typical guy. Don%26#039;t worry, she will not hold it against you. Drive back home and let her walk in through the door first. The candles should be lit around the room, the music playing softly in the background, with the two waiters standing at the door with the champaign. At this time she will ask you what is going on, look a bit nervous and tell her that you got something to tell her. Turn around and give her the present and say Happy Birthday Babe. And you can let your imagination help you out for the rest of the story. Best of luck amgio.
Reply:BMI and ryanair have just announced a massive sale on all their flights. Link to BMi is

Ryanair%26#039;s website is helpful as it also incorporates accomodation. It really is that cheap and would be a superb first gift.
Reply:a 13 inch dildo.
Reply:your best bet is to get her a wedding ring or take her some were romantic.
Reply:get her a purse lol most girls love them!!
Reply:jewelry of higher quality
Reply:Take her to a concert, like Christina Aguilera or Cliff Richard. Or to a theatre (not cinema). Do something with her that you know she will love and that she knows you%26#039;re not into. That way she gets to have a great day, and appreciates you wanting to do something you%26#039;renot that into.

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My girlfriend's birthday is this Thursday. What should I get her for a present?

We%26#039;ve been dating for a few months. We%26#039;ve known each other for many years though. She%26#039;s turning 26. What should I get her? I%26#039;m already going to get her flowers and a nice card. Still looking for that something special though. Help!

My girlfriend%26#039;s birthday is this Thursday. What should I get her for a present?
It depends a lot on what your budget is.

Of course a very nice dinner out at her old favorite or new favorite restaurant is part of the mix, and a night of dancing.

It should always be something that she thinks is very luxurious, that she would never buy for herself. Very beautiful jewelery, a luxurious and fine quality robe, on the glamourous side (depends on her personal style), a spa day with all the trimmings( to prepare for your dinner and evening out?,( bonus perks for you too!)

Always if you buy clothing for her, if you do not know the EXACT size, err on the side of too small, NEVER NEVER too large.

A trip, a cruise, an overnight or a weekend at a beautiful bed and breakfast inn where you will both be pampered and the surroundings are exquisite.

I always recommend memorable experiences over material goods, unless there is serious jewelery involved, and that depends on her preference.
Reply:A picture of the 2 of u together in a heart shaped frame. If you don%26#039;t have any treat her to a photo shoot at the photographers and dress up smart!Flowers of course too.
Reply:get her jewerly.

girls love jewerly.

maybe pearls

or some nicew earings

or maybe even a cute ring
Reply:try the 1st movie that you guys ever saw together...even if it was many years ago..or take her to the same place you 2 ever went..
Reply:A ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:most girls likes flowers, chocolate, teadybears.but as she is turning 26 she might dislike this all u can present her a necklace or will be the best.
Reply:a few months is a tricky time...has she been hinting at anything special that she wants? Get her something unique that she really wants. My boyfriend got me pink rubber rain boots for my birthday!!!! Best birthday gift I ever got. Very cool and very productive too!
Reply:A gift certificate for a pedicure spa for her. Then, if she does not like surprise parties, then take her to a hotel near the beach and give her the best massage ever on top of the body oils and special creams...hmmmmm..
Reply:something special will be something straight from the heart. think of like a few of her favs and put them together and dats what you shoud get.
Reply:get her a monkey. everybody loves monkeys.
Reply:Well... Jewelry, nice clothes, some art, or a gift card to her favorite place. Good Luck!
Reply:you should take her out to eat at a fancy place and then give her a treat after the date =)
Reply:give her something she likes the most, a gift from the heart, she love that most of all.
Reply:**** her very politly
Reply:Take her somewhere special to her, give her things that are close to her, let her know how much you love her.
Reply:How long have you known about her birthday??? Furthermore if you have known her for many years then you should know her well enough to know what she wants, needs, and likes. Perhaps you should get her someone who will learn her likes and wants and not wait till the last minute to ask a bunch of complete strangers what to get her... What ever you do...Good Luck Bro...
Reply:Well something that may look expensive but not give her a bunch of balloons her favorite colors but as long as they have some white and red in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its my girlfriends birthday today and Im broke?

I have no idea what to do, she knows Iv no money so do you think she would be happy with a nice bunch of flowers with a hidden love note inside? and a card of course, then I was thinking that night I could make her a romantic meal with the candles and put her favourite album on..then of course finish the night? I dont know what to do.

Any help? thanks guys

Its my girlfriends birthday today and Im broke?
something nice you can do is write a coule of small notes and letters and hide it in her room so that everywhere she looks for something like jewelry or a pen or in her handbag she will find it, its also nice to hide it so that she cant get it and then tell her after a while where she should look, but then you should of course not be there when you tell her, you have to like sms her and tell her go to this and this place and look there etc...another nice thing if you can order a pizza, you can lift up the pizza and write a note underneath it so that each time you and she takes a piece, you see a piece of the letter, make sure the pen or marker dont come of on to the pizza. a nother gift that is really not that expensive and is a nice gift is, if she likes coffee buy her a coffee mug, I know it might sound stupid but you actully use the thing alot. I got one and It%26#039;s a nice gift. To give her a massage may be nice... Good luck, hope i helped a bit...
Reply:I was in your boat this time last year but not worry remember if she really care she isnt with you for your money put as much thought as possible. So meal idea is good make sure everything is just how she likes it and make sure she doesnt have to do anything.

I wouldnt advise a film as this restricts conversaation but ask about her day. Maybe even make her a card if you glue glitter eect.

Do you play an instrument? play a song for her?

I really hope you both have a lovley evening.

Peace Chris.
Reply:give her a card %26amp; some flowers. in the card write some really nice things about her and how much she means to you %26amp; end it by saying your going to get her a nicer gift when you save up the money to get her something she deserves for her birthday, she should understand %26amp; later have her pick out a gift when you have the money =)

go ahead %26amp; do the romantic meal also, you want to make your lady feel adored on her day
Reply:Hide little Nice love notes everywhere for her to come across for example in her underwear drawer, then on the milk for when she makes a brew, in the bathroom put them everywhere you can think of then cook her her favorite meal maybe watch a movie of her choice then you could finish the night off.Then you could treat her with a belated gift when you have some money if you wanted too
Reply:It is supposed to be the %26quot;thought%26quot; that counts, so if that is true, your evening sounds appropriate to me. If she is the kind that expects you to spend money on her to show you care, it will be a big job to keep her happy. Is that where you want to be ?? I would hope and think your evening would be acceptable for her. Good luck.
Reply:Yes, all of the above and maybe a nice bubble bath with candles she could enjoy when you are preparing dinner or enjoy it together for dessert. Just make her feel loved and special. (Start saving up for next year, you may not get away with the same.) Anyway for this day you are spot on!
Reply:yes if that was me i would rather have that, but obviously you better make a real effort smarten yourself up, set the mood and pamper her because you must of known when her birthday was you should of saved money for it , do a three course she will love it im sure
Reply:I like what my friend Natalie said ( N)
Reply:you are so creative! well, i think it will be enough. its the thought that counts and the effort as well. but if you really want to give her a marvelous treat (something more that she deserves), then tell her that you will do better as soon as you get your money. :D
Reply:Sounds good to me. Just one point though, as soon as you get some cash, lavish it on her and never forget to save up for their birthdays, Christmas, anniversary or valentines mate. Women find it unforgivable if it is a habit.
Reply:Hey, that sure sounds like a winner to me. Flowers, a card. candlelight dinner, and! That would make any woman happy--have a nice time, and good luck. Remember...there are some things money can%26#039;t buy and this is one of them.
Reply:Yes I think that is a good plan and she would be happy. It%26#039;s the thought that counts. As long as you showed her that you remembered her birthday and that you are thankful for having her as your girlfriend.
Reply:I think she would love it, even write her a poem that comes from you, or a letter saying all the things u like about her, etc etc.. The meal and music would be beautiful, she will love it..
Reply:Flowers are the best language to talk to women, remember that. Your program is perfect, just go ahead and keep some self confidence, she%26#039;ll be amazed.

Good luck.
Reply:Make an I.O.U. booklet of coupons, with things like %26quot;I%26#039;ll give you a massage,%26quot; %26quot;I%26#039;ll take you to the movies,%26quot; %26quot;I%26#039;ll make you dinner,%26quot; etc.
Reply:Write a lovepoem, there´s no better gift! It shows her you´ve made an effort and really cares. It´s not hard.

Linking to a site to get you some tips.
Reply:I think you would get to know is she really love you or not....go to her with empty hands and wish her..

let see what happens...a precious to know about your love...
Reply:You knew it was comming so you should of had something long ago. I am sure she will find a way to get you sometings. Ask your parents for a small loan.
Reply:Make up a card by yourself. A personal expression of love will always beat out flowers or candy.
Reply:Its all about the thought with girls. I would love my boyfriend to be romantic the little things that don%26#039;t cost money!! A card with a nice message..... Make a cake for her... Cook something
Reply:your idea sounds good

bake her something, too. :) preferably chocolate.
Reply:why didnt you save up some money before you were broke, as you know your gf%26#039;s birthday all along. men.... just another excuse.
Reply:You could do a lot of things like try to give her a bunch of flowers like you said
Reply:Make her a nice dinner and let her know that you wanted to make her day special.
Reply:The dinner thing was the part I liked most...
Reply:do as you sed, you should know her the best, just do it
Reply:what the hell are you waiting for? your idea is so lovely! she wil appreciate is so much!
Reply:Sounds awesome to me dude !! Have fun !!
Reply:Tell her your feelings? and nice ideas, btw.
Reply:get a job
Reply:You go

with your simple smile and clan heart .

behind him .



My girlfriend's birthday!?

My girlfriend is turning 17 soon and we are quite sexual aswell i was thinking of getting her her favourite flowers deliverd to her door that morning and meet her for dinner then dressing up as a fireman (she has a thing for the costume) and preforming for her and let the night take its course! Any suggestions!?

My girlfriend%26#039;s birthday!?
she%26#039;ll enjoy playing with the hose too
Reply:buy her a little diamond X to wear round her neck..everytime she wears it..she%26#039;ll think of you kissing her neck.

( little initial charms to wear as a pendant).
Reply:sweetie it seems that you already thought it though, just treat her like a
Reply:be natural..
Reply:make sure you dont look too desperate....
Reply:Sounds like you got it all worked out. Word of are too young to be having sex, delete that part.
Reply:just take it slow at first den make yo move

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Mom's birthday tomorrow and i dont know what to get her.?

ok, here%26#039;s the issue. my mom will be 42 tomorrow and i dont know what to get her. she doesnt like jewlry and she doesnt want clothes. i bought her a cell phone for mothers day and i dont want to give her a gift card. my sister always gives her flowers and i she doesnt like sweets. shes very complicated and theres not much she likes. someone please help me. money is not and issue, oh and she doesnt do spa%26#039;s or pampering stuff like that.

Mom%26#039;s birthday tomorrow and i dont know what to get her.?
I know you said no gift cards, but from the looks of it you don%26#039;t have much of a choice. I would suggest getting her tickets to a movie theater for you and her and write in a card that you want to have a mother daughter day{ your treat to a movie and dinner} I %26#039;m a mom and this would make my day if my daughter did that for me.
Reply:Does she like candles? How about a book? A photo album or picture frame if she likes to take pictures? (Yes, I know in this computer age most people have them on CD, but I still use my regular film camera when I want the best pictures, so I would love a photo album or picture frame.)

Does she have any hobbies???

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My gf birthday is coming?

Along with flowers and dinner what else would be a good Idea been dating for a year and love her so much but need some ideas should it be sexual or a romantic night out or both

My gf birthday is coming?
it depends on how old you guys are and what is her personality you know find out what she likes and make it happen


Mum's birthday next month..?

i need ideas for what to get her and i really cant think of anything,

shes not really into teddys and stuff like that and she is allergic to flowers,

she%26#039;s also on a diet so i cant get her choclate,

so the only other hting i ca think of is perfume and jewlery which i buy her every year so wondered if anyone has any ideas,

she is going to be 44 and is not old fashioned at all so she isnt into cheesy stuff or ornaments...

Sorry its long but really stuckk..

Good news is i got her the cutest card ever off of moonpig with a picture of the two of us on the front and its a me to you bear card..i love it =]

Mum%26#039;s birthday next month..?
take her out somewhere, concert of someone she really likes,

or re-inact something she liked from the past ???

eg skating or something specific to her , that she will remember !
Reply:Last year for my mums birthday, I organised for all her children and grandchildren (16 of us) To go to the photographer and get some photo%26#039;s taken. We all chipped in and got her a big framed picture and she loved it. It%26#039;s got pride of place on her sitting room wall!

Or how about a voucher for something. You could get one for a shop, a beauty treatment, a meal, hot air balloon ride etc. Or a ticket to a concert, show etc. Good luck, I%26#039;m sure she%26#039;ll love whatever she gets!
Reply:News on mom

Reply:Write up a profile for her and send it to so she can meet a man.
Reply:if u r having any snap of ur mother which is really good turn it into a big poster n get it framed n place it in her room
Reply:Piece of Jewellery. Or pay to get her a facial or her nails or hair done.
Reply:get her a gift card to her favorite store... She will love you lots
Reply:How about a voucher for a spa day, or facial treatments can get a reasonable package for about £30
Reply:Awww that will be a nice card :)

I got my mum a herb set that she can grow herself.. she likes cooking, not sure if your mum likes that type of thing but it%26#039;s just an idea :) link is below! (Also more present ideas for mum%26#039;s on there)

Good luck :)

Reply:How about treating her to a make-over, new haircut, spa day - or even go-karting if she prefers more adventurous! Or a night at the theatre, etc. Once you reach a certain age, the number of %26quot;things%26quot; you need gets less, but good experiences with your family are always precious.
Reply:Why don%26#039;t you pay for a makeover shoot fot the two of you.

They%26#039;re pretty good value if you only get a couple of pics and if something to keep forever.

Boyfriends 18th birthday?

i love doing crafts and i wanted to do something original something that comes from the heart that he likes but is still crafty.

he%26#039;s a big giants fan he loves cars. he%26#039;s always getting me flowers and just spoiling me! its my turn to spoil him so how do i go about and showing him i care in a crafty way. he tells me he wants a picture of me like a nice one where im smileing so im giving him that but i need something else. thats not good enough and he won%26#039;t tell me what he wants becuase he said he doesn%26#039;t want me to buy him anything. im all he needs. ( all the goody gooey stuff thats adorable! ) help please

Boyfriends 18th birthday?
this may sound like 3rd grade art %26amp; crafts....ut you can make a frame for the picture you are giving him....maybe something having todo with the giants, or car or giant cars?? good luck
Reply:gotta buy him a eli jersey or something that makes fun of the patriots. or just make him a nice card and say all the stuff you like bout him.

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My sisters birthday is in two weeks ... I'm trying to think of something unique to sent to her work ...?

My sister is turning 25 ... i want to have something special and unique sent to her work ... i dont want to just sent flowers .... i have heard of companies who do different things ... like send designed cookies / or cupcakes ... i am unable to find the phone numbers/websites to these companies ...

So if possible with ideas ... provide phone numbers/website addresses.

FYI - i live in Michigan ... so it would have to be a company that delivers to Michigan.

Thank so much in advance.

My sisters birthday is in two weeks ... I%26#039;m trying to think of something unique to sent to her work ...?
A good place to start may be They have a lot of other things that can be sent other than flowers. I am not sure if %26quot;incredible edibles%26quot; is in your area but I bet there is a similar company. They delivery food (veggies or fruit) bouquets...really neat stuff. They are made to look like floral bouquets but they are edible. And something I did for my sister-in-laws 30th birthday was hire a funny stripper. I chose a Larry the Cable Guy type to come sing and %26quot;sort-of%26quot; strip for her. He wore boxers and was tubby and it was a hoot. I hope this helps.
Reply:Not sure if they have it where you live but a great gift is chocolate from Edibable Arrangements. Looks like real roses and the chocolate is great. Very unusual and beautiful gift. Report It

Reply:What about a Pajamagram? They are sooo cute. I wish my sister would send me one! lol
Reply:Go to Hallmark %26amp; find a paper weight with flowers in it. She can always remember it as you.
Reply:how about those %26#039;flowers%26#039; that are actually made out of fruit?

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New supervisor invited me to his 40th birthday party...?

what do I bring as a gift? I was going to bring a small card and some flowers. He invited one other person from the office but she couldn%26#039;t make it. There will be a lot of other people there, there is nothing romantic as he already has a partner. Flowers are classy right? He said that it is super casual

New supervisor invited me to his 40th birthday party...?
wine perhaps?
Reply:For a man maybe a potted plant would be better... Or does he have a favorite wine that you know of? Favorite restaurant?

Good luck and have fun!
Reply:I would say, ...a nice bottle of wine...or they have those gift sets with the pretty glassware and the wine , or gift cards for maybe a favorite coffee place, a car wash, a restaurant that he likes, or maybe a bookstore if he%26#039;s into reading. Me personally, I wouldn%26#039;t get flowers.
Reply:I think if he said it was super casual you could just bring a card. I don%26#039;t know enough about wine to suggest a particular brand however if you went to the liquor store they have people that could direct you to the right bottle in the right price range. I think some of the ones from the Okanagan have good reviews and they are about the right price. I personally like the flowers idea because you would pay the same for a good flower arrangement as a bottle of wine.

Have fun at the party!
Reply:whatever you do don%26#039;t drink too much you want keep the job.

it might be better if you don%26#039;t go.
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t do flowers, because his partner might read it wrong. If you don%26#039;t want to bring a bottle of wine, or don%26#039;t want to carry anything with you, you could call ahead and have one of these delivered (click the link below); I use this service constantly and have never been disappointed. It%26#039;s a great alternative to flowers and makes a nice presentation.


URGENT!! What should I get my girlfriend for her 14th birthday?? URGENT!!?

I was thinking maybe 14 kisses.. Or a teddy bear holding 14 flowers.. I dont know where a flower shop is though. Could anyone give me some suggestions on what to get her? Or where I could get some flowers for not too much (I dont really have too much money) Thanks.

URGENT!! What should I get my girlfriend for her 14th birthday?? URGENT!!?
aw. i wish i was dating someone as nice as you lol. i%26#039;m turning 14 in april so i should be a good source. and i think you should give her those 14 kisses and then a really good last kiss for good luck %26lt;3 and get her a picture frame and put a picture in it of you two (it doesn%26#039;t have to be big. just a small one) and maybe a little poem?

she%26#039;ll be amazed and i%26#039;m sure she%26#039;s gunna want 14 more kisses after. hehe ;)
Reply:Well it all depends what type of girl she is, if she simple then yes go with the bear and flower. If she expensive give her a ring(there are some places you can get them cheap, but not to cheap).
Reply:14? Her childhood back.
Reply:Maybe a tee shirt with a cute (but not explicit or x-rated) saying on it. You can get some really cute little stuffed animals for reasonable prices at some of the grocery or drug stores now. Pick out a cute one, have it hold a little pack of those candy-covered mini-kisses and maybe a single flower.

Or you could go to a crafts or party store, get a shiny little heart and key set, tie a ribbon though the key, tie it around the neck of the bear (or whatever animal you pick), tie another ribbon through the heart and slip it over your head,

then present her with the bear and %26quot;the key to your heart%26quot;

Good luck. Just remember that she%26#039;s only fourteen.
Reply:Go and get her a neckalace or candies that is what i would like or rent some movies and sit and watch them together that she would love just for you being with her on her 14th birthday.
Reply:like earlings or a shirt or something l;ike that
Reply:When I was 14 girls liked getting balloons and teddy bears. How about the 14 kisses plus a card, some balloons (mylar) the ones with the designs and a buy her lunch.
Reply:Make her a c.d. with songs she likes. Get her a helium balloon. Just as long as you acknowledge her, she%26#039;ll be happy, you dont have to spend a lot of money.
Reply:Here%26#039;s something creative that will be appreciated and you will have fun doing:

Make up a crossword puzzle and have all the hints be personal inside moments and jokes that only you two would know about. Put it on a poster board and add some clipart and some pictures to it!

The crossword puzzle could be time consuming and a bit frustrating ... you could do the same idea with a WORDSEARCH or WORDFIND puzzle.

Put your computer skills to work! Use Excel, get clipart from Yahoo Images Search, copy them, and reformat them, use a gluestick to put on posterboard.

Use graph paper, and pictures from magazines if you are not as good on the computer, and it will give it more of a homemade feeling.
Reply:go with a pearl necklace!
Reply:aww that%26#039;s sweet of you!

Any store such as safe way has flowers that can be pretty but rather cheap. just think of something sweet that would mean a lot to her. you can bake her 14 heart cookies and decorate them with icing. Good luck!
Reply:Get her a heart necklace %26amp; a kiss =)

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What To Buy My Mom For Her Birthday?

So likeee, i need something to buy.

Flowers perhaps?

what%26#039;s the nicest flowers to buy her?

What To Buy My Mom For Her Birthday?
get her an indoor orchid and a squirt bottle, because that%26#039;s how you water them! then write on the bottle happy birthday mom, i love you! every time she waters her orchid she%26#039;ll think of you, plus the orchid will be in bloom everytime it is her birthday!!
Reply:Only flowers? Maybe some other gifts. I bought my mother a set of bamboo covered porcelain. She liked it very much.
Reply:it depends if she%26#039;s a flower kind of person, maybe just casually ask her what kind of flowers she likes in a conversation and see what she says
Reply:Lilies, B/c they are nice and elegant!
Reply:Get her an arrangement of exotic flowers with lots of color.

She%26#039;ll appreciate something a little different.

I%26#039;m not sure where to tell you to buy them without knowing where you live.
Reply:roses, or my mom loves the Willow Tree Collection. Just anything really, if she sees that you mean it, she will love it
Reply:bring her to dinner and give her red roses and chocolates
Reply:Well, instead of trying to assume what she MIGHT want, try to ask her but instead of making it obvious, ask %26quot;her what is her favorite perfume
Reply:hmmmmmmmm flowers......idk sumthin pink cuz women like pink.........orrrr a gift certificate to a jewelry store or clothes store......moms LOVE that
Reply:I always find that CDs, DVDs or Books are good for ANYBODY, you just have to find out what their style is. (What kind of music they like, etc.)
Reply:buy her something that looks like she wants or something she needs

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My Birthday is coming up soon...?

and I%26#039;d like to know: if I said I like pandas, butterflies, and, Flowers, what present would you give me?

My Birthday is coming up soon...?
a panda holding a flower with a butterfly on it
Reply:i would give u a huge panda teddy bear. birthday card with butterflies on it. and 2 dozen flowers...

happy early birthday.

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Gf birthday present? :(?

my gf%26#039;s friend who is a guy got her a %26#039;white gold%26#039; bracelet or whatever, I got her a card, and i drew her a picture and bought her a cd and some flowers, I am starting to get worried because I think the bracelet might be expensive and my presents are rubbish, im not rich so i couldnt get her anything good, I dont know if she angry about my crappy presents but i am worried that he might have given her something worth a lot more to her, what do I do?

i am also wondering how much a white gold bracelet is worth or whatever :%26#039;(

Gf birthday present? :(?
If your girlfriend just judges a gift by how costly it is then it is not worth it.
Reply:you know, friend, if your gf really loves you, you need not be worried too much. a bracelet may bring some sparkle but your gift would tickle her heart. that%26#039;s for sure!
Reply:ok, you don%26#039;t have to be rich to give somebody something they love. It doesn%26#039;t have to be something big. I appreciate even the little things. Your present it just fine. I don%26#039;t think she is mad at you. If she is for some reason she is a. Ok nevermind. I%26#039;m not sure what a white gold braclet costs though. But hey if you gave the present you gave her to me I%26#039;d like it.
Reply:A white gold bracelet is worth nothing if it is given by someone you don%26#039;t love truly. I think it is very sweet that you hand made a present by yourself. And please, you present is not rubbish as compared to his. Your present required effort (drawing her a picture) while he took the easy way out of forking out his cash.

If she truly loves you, she would totally love anything you give her (as long as you remembered her birthday).

And if she truly loves you, she wouldn%26#039;t even be caught wearing that bracelet especially since she knows it might make you jealous.

Lastly, don%26#039;t worry about the value of the presents that you have given her. If anything, she would treasure anything given by you.
Reply:awww !! that%26#039;s so sweet of you!

girls cherish that kind of stuff! %26amp; its never rubbish ... i know you%26#039;ve probably heard this so many times before but its the thought that counts! i%26#039;m sure she isnt angry and i%26#039;m POSITIVE she loved what u did. money comes and goes, but love never dies.. and you put alot of love and effort into what you gave her ... she can get a white bracelet from anyone, anywhere anytime.. but something as special as a card and flowers from YOU, showing how much you love her is something she can%26#039;t just go out and get.. its very special and you%26#039;re a sweet guy =)

you think not to spoil her with material but with your love and i%26#039;m very very sure she would appreciate that.. i would! and honestly, your present is worth a whole lot more than a bracelet!!!

good on ya!!! xx

p.s. dont get into a fight with him.. your girlfriend will surely be mad at u for that. remember this: you%26#039;re the one who has her right now and you%26#039;re the one with the chance to give her love so dont lose that chance.. if he%26#039;s her friend.. let it be, you%26#039;re her girlfriend and you%26#039;re the one who should be looking out for her.. so dont get into any trouble with this guy.. your gf knows u love her alot and sounds as if she doesnt want to get involved with the guy anymore than she already is so dont worry =)
Reply:If your g.f is a materialistic person then she%26#039;s not for you. She should love anything you get her. A white gold braclet is about $60-$80

If she dumps you for him then you know she%26#039;s not for you
Reply:Yes the the bracelet is nice but she knows the sitution you are in.

IF she loves you she will love anything you give her.

Why would this person being buying something like this for your girlfriend?


Would you rather get flowers chocolates or pleo the dinosaur?

its my birthday october and i dont know what to expect

Would you rather get flowers chocolates or pleo the dinosaur?
Reply:You%26#039;l get NOTHING off me ! Nothing I say !!!!!
Reply:I like flowers myself, but the dinosaur was a real cutie, Have a great day!

Have you talked to someone? Hug my babies, how%26#039;s my little buddy ?
Reply:Both chocolate and flowers are nice
Reply:what would YOU prefer,

you%26#039;ll have to let us know

then l%26#039;ll deliver it in person
Reply:i%26#039;ll take the flowers... tiger lilies!
Reply:Chocolates - dark, with nuts and praline, mmmmmmm.

lots of them all differwent types

Reply:I prefer white rose


Should I send him flowers or chocolates?

He%26#039;s a friend of mine. he%26#039;s living in another country and these seem to be my only options of what to send him for his birthday as I don%26#039;t have time to mail him something from here. Would a guy like either one or is there no other good idea? he%26#039;s living in turkey by the way...

Should I send him flowers or chocolates?
chocolates last longer than flowers, taste better, smell better, and satisfy appetites.
Reply:I would send chocolate. Girls appreciate flowers more.
Reply:Send him a check through Western Union. Nothing like a bit of money for a thoughtful gift.
Reply:How about choc covered pretzels, he with have choc and pretzel for snack.
Reply:Go with the chocolates.

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Inexpensive birthday present for my girlfriend?

she likes sunflowers and the beach. we live nowhere near a beach, so i was thinking of bringing a beach to her. any ideas? i also want to get her one single sunflower, but everywhere i look sells them in bouquets for lots of money (which i don%26#039;t have). any suggestions where to find cheap flowers?

Inexpensive birthday present for my girlfriend?
*Get a bunch on balloons and blow them up. Then put little bitty notes inside each of them that say ... I love you because, or you are special to me because (just make it unique) Then make her pop all the balloons and read the notes out loud!

*Make a scavanger hunt. Put notes on things that have clues to the next place. Like I put %26quot;I am always sitting here when we watch moves%26quot; so he knew to go to the couch. Then the next clue would be on the couch. and so on and so on.

*You could also get a picture of the both of you, put it in a frame and decorate the frame your self.

*Get a jar and fill it up with little pieces of paper that have a memory on them. Like one of them could be %26quot;the time we went bike riding, and I fell off and scaped my knee%26quot; (something like that).

*Buy some window chalk and write on her car windows HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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EMERGENCY birthday present?!?

tmrws one of my really close friends bday... anddd surprise! I FORGOT TO GET HER BALLOONS!!!!

2 of my friends and i decided to get her stuff. one got her a cake, another got her flowers(her bf), and i was supposed to get her the balloons. its too late now to go buy them and itll be too early in the morning (stores wont be open).

Any creative ideas for me to make her something??


EMERGENCY birthday present?!?
make a notebook

design it

write letters

paste pictures

Reply:Too early in the morning? Dude - WalMart is 24 hours. They have all kinds of balloons. Go NOW!
Reply:braclets! card! get lipgloss!
Reply:what does she like?make it or buy it


Ok, Birthday questions?

Its her sweet sixteen and we have been going out for about 5 months i know i%26#039;m sending flowers to her place but im not sure on the actual gift that im going to give her. We were talking about perfume and she said she liked the Versace but i am completely in love with the Juicy Couture. She seemed to like it but she knows its more expensive, so i think thats why she told me she like versace best, o well the question is, Should i give her the one i like or the one she says she likes?

Ok, Birthday questions?
If you can afford it, the Juicy Couture.


30th Birthday cake ideas?

Looking for ideas as to what to put on a cake (sheet) for my sister who will be 30. She does not like flowers and frilly stuff. This will not be a dirty cake. She will be surprised. Do not want black icing. Will have the words on there as far who it is for and from. What other simple designs and colors would look great?

30th Birthday cake ideas?
How about having crushed graham crackers and oreos mixed spread around the edges and a little tossed in the middle with the words %26quot;Older than Dirt%26quot;?

Or how about the words %26quot;It%26#039;s all fun and games until it happens to you%26quot;?

I don%26#039;t know if I%26#039;d put %26quot;Happy 30th Mary from your friends%26quot; (this is just an example: don%26#039;t know what sis%26#039; name is) on it without adding a bit of pokey humor. Everyone knows that turning 30 is a huge milestone and it%26#039;s fun to make fun.

Any color would be cool - pick her 2 favorite colors and have them just do balloons in those colors in each corner of the cake.

Happy birthday to your sis!
Reply:If you can locate a really cute photo of her from when she was little, you could have Albertsons (or whoever) put the image on the cake and something like look how you%26#039;ve grown or something about how she still looks so young. They can do up to 8 1/2%26quot; x 11%26quot; per photo. I have even combined several to make a collage.

I found a photo of my best friends party when she was about 4 and they had a cake shaped like a frog (green and everything). We had the bakery recreate the same cake and used the photo for the invitations. That was a big hit.

Good luck!
Reply:How about you take a phtot of her(if you have one) and have them put it on the cake.It%26#039;ll look nice.
Reply:Incorporate one of her hobbies. Does she like the tropics? Make a beach using graham cracker crumbs and blue icing for waves. Shopping? Use icing to make it look like a shoebox with a particular brand logo, like Manolo Blahnik which you can find on the internet.

The possibilities are endless. You can use candies for embellishment if you aren%26#039;t much for fancy frosting work.
Reply:Get a Mad Hatter Cake Instead! They are unique looking cakes and not to girly.
Reply:STARZZ!!! if shes not too girly, or too sporty, she%26#039;ll like starzz.


80th birthday present for Grandma?

Well, my Grannie is turning 80 soon and i want to give her something different, and special, not just flowers/chocolates/jewellery etc, but something that is really meaningful to the 80 years of her life. I really love her so much, and i want to get her something so so special. Maybe including a photo or something, something that she can treasure and remind her of her beautiful self and all her life.

Do you guys have any ideas?

BTW, im only 14, and so i dont have much money. But i want it to be more from the heart rather than purse...=]

80th birthday present for Grandma?
I think if your grandmother is sentimental and you don%26#039;t have much money, you could always create a scrap book/photo album with photos of all her children and grandchildren. That%26#039;s something that she will treasure. Otherwise, if you have enough material, you could collect photos of her when she was young and create an album of her life. Or you could get a photo blown up (you could even do this at home) of her children/grandchildren or of herself when she was younger and frame it. Hope that helps!
Reply:Well sally a few years ago we wanted to make something really special for my gran 4 her b day so we got a 3 foot cheap frame and cut up loads of old and new photos of her, our family and her friends and made a collage with them. My gran cried when we handed to her and she still talks about it to this day (5years). it was was very cheap to make but it was the thougt of it tat made it soooo special to her.

Good luck with your present hunting xx
Reply:If you have access to a computer and a program called windows movie maker, scan old photos of her as a child, teen, young woman, wedding, with children and then her grandchildren. You can add music and words. I did one for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and it went for about 10 minutes. It was a story of their life, how they met and then us cildren and family and friends, it was fantastic. i downloaded some songs, really meaningful, slow songs and special ones that they liked and would remind them of their past. There wasnt a dry eye in the place all 50 guests were really touched, my mum and dad loved it. If you have got time its a great gift.
Reply:try making a home made picture frame with your whole family%26#039;s picture in it.
Reply:make her a letter writing box

or a teddy bear

or a scarfe
Reply:Your grandmother doesn%26#039;t need more stuff and what she would really appreciate is something from your heart. Find a picture of you and her, maybe when you were a baby and write a poem or letter to her telling her what she means to you and how much you love her. That is something that will touch her heart every day.
Reply:A personalised mug, teapot or plate is very inexpensive yet very personal. I get mine from tilestodifor. Each piece is an individual piece of art, and the artist can paint from emailed photographs. I got my mother a teapot with her cat painted on it. Very realistic.
Reply:How about sending a sheet of writing paper to everyone in the family, asking them to write down memories of Granny. When they send it back to you, put them all in an album. Include pictures if you can, of Granny and everyone else. Try to include a pic of Granny%26#039;s house too :) Hope this helps!!

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Her Birthday is coming up in a few months... Should I send her something to her job ? I really miss her?

I have not spoken to my ex-girlfriend for almost 2 months now but I still think of her. She broke off with me suddenly and I am still shocked on what happen. Per her request I stop texting calling her and for a period I have been sending her emails, which I shouldn%26#039;t of done. The last email I sent her almost a month ago was asking her nicely to restart our friendship. Her response to that email pretty much stated it may not be over; however she would respond to me in her own time in her own way, and to learn to love the rebel in her. Like an idiot I responded to her email asking how her week was going completely overlooking her wishes of not communicating with her and she responded with saying that she no longer is impressed with me and no longer cares what my friends think. She pulled all 4 of my previous emails which were somewhat lengthy and stated that I used my friends to make her seem beneath me. She stated that they were full of passive aggressiveness and she wouldn%26#039;t tolerate it. She also stated that she feels that I placed a lot of pressure on her without looking at my own introspection It was NEVER my attention to come across that way I just missed her so much. She later stated that if in the event I were to respond she would send all of my emails to the authorities to get a restraining order because she greatly fears for her safety. I%26#039;m so hurt... I had nothing but good intentions for her. Besides the once a week emails I haven%26#039;t stalked her. She is 21 year old college student and I%26#039;m 26 working professional. I honestly love her and want to make things right even if not for relationship reasons. Her B-day is coming up in June and I want to send her flowers, or perhaps do something before than. We broke up in February and I have dated since than but I still miss her so much. It hurts even more when a mutual friend of hers told me she is single. Honestly I feel that if she knew how I felt she wouldn%26#039;t act this way, or maybe not.

Her Birthday is coming up in a few months... Should I send her something to her job ? I really miss her?
There are only three words for you, Let it go, or maybe two will do, MOVE ON. When we lose someone we care about, and don%26#039;t really understand why, it hurts and we want to get it back to the way it used to be. But pressuring her and harrassing her, even in a nice way, is not the thing to do, it will lead to resentment on her part and she will only push you away further. Do as she asks, stop all calls, e-mails, texts, letters and flowers...give her a chance to miss you and rethink her decision to leave. You know the saying..%26quot;.If you love someone let them go, if they come back you know it was meant to be%26quot;. I%26#039;m sorry about your pain, but Let her go, and Move on.
Reply:well, i read a book on restraining orders and how to deal if the person you love don%26#039;t love you back. the answer, in my opinion to your question is no, don%26#039;t send her anything. she%26#039;ll only start to hate you. to love someone, is to want them to be happy no matter what, and it seems to be that you don%26#039;t make her happy anymore. i%26#039;m sorry, i bet it hurts.


Sending her 500$ flowers and im not her b/f?

we%26#039;re both 19, and this girl liked me before and i rejected her (even though she%26#039;s hot) and then i never saw her again... a year later out of nowhere i just started to like her but we%26#039;re living in different cities... I told her on MSN that i really like her but she didnt believe me... but after i kept telling her i think she does now. Her birthday is coming up and i wanna spend 500$-700$ on roses delivered to her. I%26#039;m rich so money doesnt matter and i dont care if u dont belive me because i am willing to spend that kinda money). But would it be major BAD because im not her boyfriend? Also i want to make all the girls @ her school jealous because a few of her friends have really big mouths and i wanna shut them up.

Sending her 500$ flowers and im not her b/f?
I think you should send her the flowers. You like her and she likes you, so hopefully those flowers will say that for you and you two will become boyfriend and girlfriend. If not, then she%26#039;s still your friend and I%26#039;m sure she would appreciate the gesture. Best to be open than keep your feelings bottled up inside! Good luck with your girl! :)
Reply:Please don%26#039;t send flowers, thats a major mistake. If you want her to think that you are a wuss trying to buy her affection then go ahead. Rather, spend your money on a night out. Forget about shutting up her school friends, what are you a show pony, what you and her do is your own business. Living in different cities doesn%26#039;t matter, provided it%26#039;s not on the otherside of the country. And if you like my answer, send me some money, I need it really bad. And remember, never ever ever ever ever etc. send a girl flowers until she deserves them, and a birthday doesn%26#039;t warrant such an occassion unless she is your wife.

What a loser.

Who would spend 500 dollars on flowers???

And yeah dont do it, you are gonna look way to desperate!!
Reply:LOOK you should do what you can afford.AND your plan sounds good to me.
Reply:Ask yourself, %26quot;Do I wear pants or skirts?%26quot;

Reply:wow send me some...forget her..
Reply:are you tring to win her heart your doing a great job if that,s what you are trying to do , but as jest being friends that crazy, if you love her go for it, if your not looking for love then for get it. $100 is good enght.
Reply:thats stupid!!! just give her the money jack ***!!!
Reply:1. She%26#039;s hot? ......ever heard of beautiful?

2. Your 19.....are we using daddy%26#039;s money to impress her?

Enough said.
Reply:HAHA! Where have you been all my life? kidding.. Anyway, I say go for it. Show her you care and make those girls jealous.
Reply:You%26#039;re a loser. No amount of money on flowers is going to change that.
Reply:It depends on the girl. It sounds nice...But do you want her to think you%26#039;re trying to buy her affection. It also sounds like your coming on to strong. Do you really want some who%26#039;s affection you can buy, if she%26#039;s not one of those girls sorry. It%26#039;s just nicer to do something sweet. If you still want to send the flowers go ahead, but try to do something sweet to so she knows your not trying to buy her.
Reply:go for it.....its a mixed decision.....alot of girls love that stuff especially if you don%26#039;t tell her till her bday....and def don%26#039;t mention how much they were........if she asks.....juss say %26quot;alot%26quot; or %26quot;there isn%26#039;t a price to see you smile%26quot; she%26#039;d luv;ll def make her friends jealous.....but don%26#039;t boast saying i spent $500-$700....its quite a turn-off...other than that ur golden
Reply:Sounds like you have it bad! Well if you thinks she will like it go for it. If money is not a issue then spend it and see what the out come is going to be. You know little things are always bigger to a women? Good luck.
Reply:If you%26#039;re gonna send her that $500-$700, it%26#039;s really a strong statement. You really like her that much but don%26#039;t overspend something that you can%26#039;t guarantee the result. Still, you never know what she%26#039;s thinking.
Reply:Go for it my lover boy.

Make that splash and create the talk while you %26quot;walk the walk!!!%26quot;

I sure wish you well.
Reply:She will just think you are obsessed and her boyfriend could get mad at you for trying to steal her. I say forget about her, find another woman and move on. If you refuse to listen, only trouble can come.
Reply:Why the hell did you reject a HOT girl?

Yea well some guy did that for me before, It was cool but he went all out. I dont know if it was cause he was desperate to impress me or what. He sent like 3 dozen roses and got lobsters and gifts and all kinds of stuff. It still didnt work out in the end.

Heres what I think... Send the roses , do it all... she will be Impressed and maybe forgive you for last year. Who cares if youre not her boyfriend? If you do this you just might be soon.

If you send her 500 dollars worth of flowers, trust me, she will remember it or at least it will make an impression of some sort and she will most likely tell you thanks or think about you as a boyfriend... If she still likes you.
Reply:Wow.....dude stop the madness,personally I would be turned off if you went that overboard on me,you do not need to spend that much,sure send her a dozen nice beautiful long stem roses from the best florist around,but that%26#039;s it any more and its overkill.Trust me on this one.
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t matter if you are rich. Spending $500-700 on roses is ridiculous. Why don%26#039;t you just send her a regular bouquet of flowers (maybe $100 range so you can guarantee they look beautiful).

Anyways, if you want to show her you like her, then pay attention to her. For example, call her... take her out... give her special treatment. Also, learn how to spell and punctuate, etc.
Reply:i%26#039;d love it, dont see why she wouldnt! but you dont want her to freak out though and think your obsessive.... maybe halve the amount!


What do gemstones, flowers, and trees all have in common?

Not a trick question... just curious.

Just a similarity that no one would think of, not %26quot;Some are man made..%26quot; %26quot;They all have birthday months...%26quot; etc.

Looking forward to some fascinating responses!!


What do gemstones, flowers, and trees all have in common?
They all come from earth and are all pretty but...

Gemstones are regarded as precious.

Flowers are regarded as pretty.

Trees are burned.

So they all represent man%26#039;s irrational decisions about life and society.
Reply:They can all grow.

They all have colours.
Reply:They all are composed of atoms.
Reply:symmetry? growth? they are all beautiful?
Reply:They all come from the earth.


What is Brandon Flowers' (lead singer of The Killers) brithday?

What is the lead singer of The Killers%26#039; birthday? (month, day, and year)

What is Brandon Flowers%26#039; (lead singer of The Killers) brithday?
Brandon Richard Flowers (born June 21, 1981 in Henderson, Nevada) is the vocalist and keyboardist in the American synth rock band The Killers.
Reply:google it

yahoo finance

Birthday idea for a girl i like she's 20 years old?

I like this girl...and her bday is coming up and I really need ideas

I found out she likes me too but I want to rush everything

anyway...her bday is coming up and I%26#039;m trying to get her something special

so here%26#039;s what I came up with so far:

1) either I surprise her at 12am OR pretend I don%26#039;t know her bday and surprise her at like 10pm on her bday

2) get her a necklace, make her meet met at like a park and tell her to close her eyes..then put on the necklace on her neck

OR buy roses and her fav flowers with a picture frame and in the picture frame, I%26#039;ll draw a pic of me and her or something

then hide all that behind my back and ask her to hug me to find out

sorry if it%26#039;s extmreely cheesy/corny but yeah

HELP!!! haha

Birthday idea for a girl i like she%26#039;s 20 years old?
okay, yea, if you aren%26#039;t going out with her or her good friend, you really shouldn%26#039;t give her anything like a necklace. if you are, yes, sure go ahead.

but if you aren%26#039;t, don%26#039;t get her anything more than like a card or a chocolate bar. she%26#039;ll then realize that u have feelings for her, and that you%26#039;re sweet and thoughtful for remembering.
Reply:Don%26#039;t you watch TV???!!! Every kiss begins with KAY!!
Reply:You can take her out for dinner and then present her with a nice picture frame. you can also take her to a spa women love that. I also recommend buying a frame from bc they look very expensive and impresive but are cheap.

Hope this helped!

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Birthday gift ideas for MUM please?

My mum%26#039;s gonna be 33 in May and I have no idea what to get her. She wrote out a list but it only says flowers, chocolates and nail varnish! i really wanna get her something special. I just don%26#039;t know what! oh and i%26#039;m not exactly rich (pretty much the opposite) so if it could not cost much. So something sweet and cheap. Around a tenner (10 euro) would do. Thanks!

Birthday gift ideas for MUM please?
What about a gift voucher for a place where she shops? Try Next or New Look. I%26#039;m 30 with 2 kids and personally Id rather have a lovely card with a lot of time gone into choosing it than a gift. Make sure its got an extremely long verse in it. Do you have a card factory shop in your local high street? If yes and you haven%26#039;t bought your mum a card then get her a card from there. They also do little gift bags and key-rings in there that are cheap you could get your mum a gift bag, card, a purse size wallet card. (ask the assistant to show you where they are, they usually on a swivel stand. Get one with Mum on or her name or birth flower.) Go to your local £1 shop or Home bargains if you have one and get her some chocolates from there. Don%26#039;t spend more than £2 on choccies. You should try and spend less than £6 in a card shop and manage to get her a card, bag and wallet card. Pop to Asda or Tesco and get some flowers for £1.98. Also make her breakfast in bed. She will love it.
Reply:When one writes a list, then it pretty much tells you what they%26#039;d like. If she loves nail varnish, then that%26#039;s what I%26#039;d get. There are so many colors to choose from. And even slip in 1 flower and maybe a candy bar, so she get%26#039;s all 3!! :-)
Reply:Here is what you do....

Give her the day off...

You do the dishes, cook the meals and look after your little brother who is an apprentice to the devil....

Then, by dusk, you give your mom a bunch of fresh flowers.

Buy only those you can afford...

She will love you for it, and remember it always.....

Try to combine the ideas ...... get with Dad and get her a trip to a day spa ... so she can get papmered, nails done, relaxed .... then cook her a good dinner !
Reply:take her out to a posh restaurant.



24kt gold ring and get it from ebay..... believe me. (trust me mums LOVE that)
Reply:Why not give her the day off. You do all her housework for her, that I%26#039;m sure she%26#039;d love.
Reply:You could cook her a nice meal .
Reply:rampant rabbit .......
Reply:Well I just bought my mum a foot spa from argos for £15 and she loved it! How about a CD or dvd?
Reply:breakfast in bed, a card and a voucher from you to do some housework

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♠Birthday Gift Ideas For A Guy!!♠?

THIS IS A TOUGHY!!!! my bf%26#039;s bday is on Monday, and i need to show that i do love him and appreciate him on his day. But tha thing is....IM STUCK! i dont know what to get him. I bought him shirts, hats, phones....and he ruins everything. He%26#039;ll work in his shirts (construction), for Christmas i got him tha Blackberry Pearl and its already lookin like S***.... he doesnt like body sprays or anything like that (prefers deodorant). He doesnt wear jewelry, flowers, candy n cards are too %26quot;fruity%26quot;....please help with any ideas....i would feel bad if i didnt have anything for him on his bday. thanx!!!

♠Birthday Gift Ideas For A Guy!!♠?
If you%26#039;re looking for a fun and unique gift idea , these personalized soaps from soapcard. com should do the trick. they make soaps with your photo or just message embedded inside. I got one for my boyfriend and he loved it. You can write all kinds of funny stuff.... My boyfriend thought it was super cute! .the %26quot;Think of me when you%26#039;re feeling dirty%26quot; soap was the one he loved the most
Reply:Peanut M%26amp;M%26#039;s are in no way %26quot;fruity%26quot; and I have gotten them for my content father for his birthday or Christmas every year of my life. Please don%26#039;t ONLY get him the m%26amp;m%26#039;s if you do
Reply:Have you ever considered giving him a handmade portrait or painting of yourself – in your most cute appearance? You can select a suitable photo and then send it to and they will create a wonderful portrait out of it – on oil, pencil, charcoal or on canvas. Try it out! It doesn’t cost much.

If you are looking for an affordable gift urgently, the same company also has a studio for oil paintings reproductions. So, visit them at http://www.oil-paintings-reproductions.c... and take a look at their %26#039;stock on sale%26#039;.
Reply:for my birthday this year my girl got me a new .45 cal glock .
Reply:I’ll have to suggest

They offer beautiful and affordable hand made paintings from your favorite photograph. I find it a unique and creative gift. What I liked of them is that they at reeeeaally good at capturing the physical likeness. I was very impressed with the results. In addition to portrait paintings they also do paintings of pets, landscapes and anything that means something to you (like your first car, favorite vacation spot, etc). They’re the nicest people… because I was late with her gift they even hand made a custom card to notify my mother that a special gift was coming her way. I highly recommend them.

Best wishes!!
Reply:Plan a romantic dinner


Get Him the Fanciest Deodorant You Can Find!!!!

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Birthday cake ideas?

we always buy a plain white on the outside cake. the place always personolizes it with the words we want. but we always make it special, two years ago we put real little flowers on it, and last year we put rasberries with mint leaves. we dont know whats next! please give me ideas.

Birthday cake ideas?
what about a animated character? maybe scooby-doo or barbie,i think that would be cute cuz girls like that stuff! hope this helps.

Reply:place blueberries on the cake with puple flowers


chocolate dipped blueberries

blueberry pudding
Reply:we did ice cream cones with cupcakes in the cone instead of ice cream---was fun.
Reply:Why not make special cupcakes and serve a fruit pizza? You can find the recipe for the pizza on the web. I can give you a site for directions to make special cupcakes. Ice cream sodas would be a fun drink to serve.
Reply:I take it you do not want store bought cake decorations then? How about marzipan fruits? You could also purchase fondant and tint and shape into anything you want really. I made some beach balls out of fondant, then I took natural sugar and put it on the cake to resemble sand, and then placed the fondant beach decorations on it.

For snacks, you can%26#039;t beat finger sandwiches, I love egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, ham, cheese, etc.
Reply:why dont you get a photo of them made in icing its a great idea and the kids wonder how its done
Reply:Molten Chocolate Cakes


2 tablespoons plus 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, divided

8 oz. NESTLÉ CHOCOLATIER™ 62% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bar(s), broken into pieces

3 large eggs

3 large egg yolks

1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

Powdered sugar


PREHEAT oven to 425° F. Generously butter six 6-ounce ramekins or custard cups with two tablespoons butter.

STIR 3/4 cup butter and chocolate in medium, heavy-duty saucepan over low heat until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat. Beat eggs, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until thick and pale yellow, about 8 minutes. Fold 1/3 of chocolate mixture into egg mixture. Fold in remaining chocolate mixture and flour until well blended. Divide batter evenly among prepared ramekins. Place on baking sheet.

BAKE for 12 to 13 minutes or until sides are set and 1-inch centers move slightly when shaken. Remove from oven to wire rack.

TO SERVE, run a thin knife around top edge of cakes to loosenly slightly; carefully invert onto serving plates. Lift ramekins off of cakes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve immediately.
Reply:browse thru here for the simple design onto of the cake :)

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Birthday gift for mom? Spa, massage? Or Stay in super nice hotel?

OK every time my sister and I buy our mom a present, she never likes it. We buy her clothing, flowers, jewelry all of that mom stuff. But noooo, she never likes. So I%26#039;m thinking since she%26#039;s been stressed lately, my sister and I could go half and half on either a say in a really nice sophisticated hotel for a night or two and order room service and lavish in the luxuries of the hotel OR we could get her a gift certificate to a day spa where she can get a massage and facial and all that good stuff. Which would you go for? I cant decide. Or do you have a better idea? Please help. I%26#039;d rather not buy her anything. Thanks!

Birthday gift for mom? Spa, massage? Or Stay in super nice hotel?
Reply:The day spa is an awesome idea. I just went to one last weekend (it was a gift from my fiance) and had THE most relaxing time. It%26#039;s nice to be pampered every once in a while!

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Drying out flowers?

i got a dozen red roses for my birthday and they are starting to die, I want to keep one as a memory, but I don%26#039;t know how to do so with out it wilting like the others, is there any way i can preserve it?

Drying out flowers?
put in da vase
Reply:Tye them together at the stems with a twist tie or elastic bands or string and hang them upside down off a cupboard or something.. that way the flowers will dry nice and straight and not have droopy heads..
Reply:My wife always wants to preserve flowers from funerals and weddings, etc.

I have found freeze drying to be the best.

While they are still fresh, I use a push pin to tack them to the side of a cardboard box in our deep freeze. After a few weeks, they are dry and you can do what you want with them.
Reply:Tie the flowers together with string at the end of the stems, like a bouquet. Find a warm dry area in your home and use the ends of the string to hang the flowers upside down. Leave them undisturbed for about four weeks to ensure that they are thoroughly dried out. They are then ready. Handle them with care to ensure that the petals do not detach and they will last a life time. :)
Reply:You can get some silica sand or silica gel from you local craft store like a Hobby Lobby. This product is used for flower preservation and does a wonderful job of drying roses while retaining color and shape.

Here is a site with more ideas:

Good Luck

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Birthday gift for 19 yearold girlfriend?

dating for 3 years ( im 19 too ) got her a ring a before, jewelry, flowers, made her stuff, cd%26#039;s. been there done that lol. i need a fresh new idea, bought or made. any suggestions will be good =) also if it is bought please make sure it is less than $70. ( haha university students were poor)

Birthday gift for 19 yearold girlfriend?
Are you artistic? If so, you should paint/draw/sculpt her something. It will mean so much because it truly came from your heart.

If you aren%26#039;t artistic yourself, you can take a picture of her (or the two of you together) and have an artist from your school draw it. Then you buy a cheap frame from a thrift store and you have the perfect gift.

Good luck!
Reply:girls looooveeeee candles u should buy or make her one find the purrrrfect scent somethin like freshly cut roses smells good....
Reply:take her out for her birthday. if she%26#039;s a university student also then she understands the low budget. take her out for a really nice night. get dressed up. do something fun!!!!! %26amp;%26amp; if you don%26#039;t want to do that....

jewelry never gets old!!!!!!!!!
Reply:you can try making her a pic collage or a video which is made up of pictures (or vidoe clips) from all the times you%26#039;ve been together and the fun moments you%26#039;ve both had.. =)
Reply:get her a big black dildo so when she gets lonely..................................... ya
Reply:A seventy dollar gasoline card. She%26#039;ll love it, and maybe even get three tanks out of it.
Reply:Try buying her something she needs or can use. Maybe she needs some memory for her computer or camera. You can buy her a plant, so everytime she tends to it, she%26#039;ll think about you.
Reply:even one of those 1/2 hour massage gift certificate. She%26#039;ll love it!!
Reply:how about this, make something that is priceless and from the heart =D


BIrthday present ideas?

What do you get for the following:

mum -who doesnt really want flowers, chocolates, perfume or Cds/DVDs?

Brother-who seems to have everything?

Boyfriend? Again appears to have everything lol including me!

I really am stuck for ideas, can anyone help?

BIrthday present ideas?
cheap and could be very cheerful a lottery ticket
Reply:Try for your mum they%26#039;ve got lots of gorgeous gifts , really different things

Brother- hmm check out one of those gadget sites, men love gadgets

Boyfriend, how about one of those driving experiences?

Happy shopping
Reply:gift vouchers are the best for all of them!!!!
Reply:A gift voucher for clothes will sort the lot of them out. Ungrateful bunch - n%26#039;est pas?
Reply:For your mom, offer to have a day where you two go do something together. There are lots of little shops around where you could go and make jewelry somewhere or if you are more the outdoors type you could go for a hike.

For you brother, I have no idea, I don%26#039;t have a brother

For your boyfriend, make up a quiz game about you or the fun times you two have had together. And for every correct answer he gets a prize.. like chocolate, or a kiss :)
Reply:Brother . . .does he support any sport, football? you could get him tickets to a match always good!!!

Mum . . .my mum loves to get a gift only she would like for example she love insence candles etc and i always get her stuff like that . . .she hates getting presents for the house like a kitchen item etc as it isnt really for her then!!

Boyfriend . . take him away for a romantic weekend!!! you dont have to go to far just a nice hotel with a spa treatment or a nice bar etc. ( or if your strapped for cash take him camping!!! have wee suprises like champagne, maybe a nice necklace or something as an actual small gift aswell!!!)
Reply:mum- gold, brother- strippers, bf- another just like you
Reply:buy them a nice card and put 5scratch cards inside them or depending on how much you can afford give them 10 they will have great fun finding out if you have made their dreams come true every after all every one wants to win good luck

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Birthday present!!!?

the girl i am dating is celebrating her B-day in july (but she was born in june).. now, i understand that her birthstone is a pearl. i would like to get her some sort of jewlery with her birthstone in it.. necklace, is what i am leaning towards. Were can i buy her this sort of present for a considerable price??

i would prefer a store, nothing online.... thanx... any tips are welcome!!!

ps. (im also getting her flowers.. ok)

Birthday present!!!?
Well these are from Walmart and are pretty cheap... The stones are: %26quot;Mother of Pearl%26quot; and %26quot;Freshwater Pearls%26quot;

Hope I helped and good luck finding the right gift!
Reply:I would go to pretty anywhere that sales jewlery, and find the one that best fits your price range. If you can%26#039;t find one, then get her something else.

Good luck! =D
Reply:Try JCpennys!!

good luck!!! :)
Reply:for jewellery i would buy from gems tv sky channel 660 %26amp; 646 or web page - real pearls at a good price hope this helps.
Reply:Get her like a pearl necklace with 3 pearls you can find cute and kinda cheap ones at nordstrom
Reply:lol flowers are good

not sure about the jewelry tho srry

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It's my GIRLFRIENDS birthday tomorrow and I HAVE SPEND all my MONEY...WOULD IT OK to GO TO THE.......?

graveyard and get a nice bunch of flowers there to give her...and what is the legal standing if i get caught nicking the flowers.....

It%26#039;s my GIRLFRIENDS birthday tomorrow and I HAVE SPEND all my MONEY...WOULD IT OK to GO TO THE.......?
It is an offence to steal from a graveyard.Pick some flowers from your own garden.
Reply:That would be disrespectful to the dead.
Reply:Let the deads have their peace and don%26#039;t pick thier flowers. that%26#039;s just disrespectful.......if your girl is worth it wouldn%26#039;t you buy her flowers from the store no matter how much it cost?.....I think she%26#039;ll love that more.....
Reply:yeah cause nothing says i love you like flowers from a graveyard. you dipwad
Reply:No don%26#039;t do that .. plan something to do with her that doesn%26#039;t involve money. Like staying at home, watching movies and popping popcorn. Good luck.
Reply:Yes - somehow I%26#039;m confident that your girlfriend will love the graveyard flowers.
Reply:Dont go to the damn graveyard!At least get some fresh ones from ppl gardens lol....better yet make something....paper flowers a card...something cheesy..we like that lol
Reply:Yes but make sure to remove any card that says RIP.
Reply:No not a good idea
Reply:no thats just sick taking flowers from the dead people! not nice at all i wouldnt want my bfriend to do that!
Reply:that%26#039;s quite unique and cheap.....go ahead try if u could awe her
Reply:That%26#039;s disrespecting the dead.
Reply:two words: HELL NO
Reply:you could get introuble .. if you do it then there isnt any one likely around
Reply:no and you get a spanking!
Reply:Graveyard offenses are pretty serious. Just make sure it%26#039;s dark. And make sure you get a new vase, you know, that doesn%26#039;t say RIP.
Reply:This sort of question just makes me want to POKE MY EYE OUT!!
Reply:hahaha is this a joke? lol anywyas dont do that! ummm..make something! that never works out ..but try? lol
Reply:They say its the thought that counts lol.
Reply:You need to learn some respect, not only for the dead but for your girlfriend as well, if you have any feelings for her you would never do such a thing..... If you have no money you could always make her a nice card or something......and explain that you are short in the funds department this week but you will make it up to her later......when the money is not so tight..

Good luck to you and stay away from graveyards or you%26#039;ll end up in one yourself, especially if she finds out!!!!!
Reply:do it


Birthday Gift websites?

I would like to send within the UK

Balloons, champagne, flowers, chocolate etc all in one box.

Or maybe a drink n a glass, or something unusual

Anyone recommend any good websites that they have used before

Birthday Gift websites?
Unique art gift is the best present.

There is a web site – , they convert a digital photos into paintings of different art styles and print them on canvas.

My friend sent them a picture and they turned it into beautiful piece of art. I saw it and it really looks good.

Canvas did a beautiful from my digital photo! Much better than I expected... Thanks Report It

Reply:I recommend . I used this company and was enjoyed the quality and exquisite masterpiece of artwork from them. Report It

Reply:Have a look here:

Birthday gift for mom?

Any ideas....its technically in an hour.

She%26#039;s going out of town though early in the morning.

i actually have to go into work for a few minutes about 2 hours before she leaves, so i can grab something from walmart.

(which i don%26#039;t really want to do, but yeah i rather get her something than nothing and then get her something else in a few days.....been so busy. )

She likes girly stuff mostly.....I don%26#039;t%26#039; like repeating gifts. Got her a ring one year.....necklace another....earrings delivered to work......did perfume too many times. She%26#039;s a coin / stamp collector...but not like super into her rare coins and stamps last year.

I think she wants direct tv, but not something i can get done by the end of the weekend, and i need it set up in her name since i%26#039;m moving out relatively soon (need ss# and what not).

Birthday gift for mom?
flat screen tv..

nice quilt...

her favorite tv show collections...
Reply:Maybe too late, but ohhh soooo easy to answer

A paid up gift voucher for a spa. Heaven.
Reply:give her a keyring :D
Reply:Give her $50. That always makes my mom happy on her birthday.
Reply:A gift card to her favorite restaurant and a promise to escort her.
Reply:So find out the cost on a good plan for Direct TV Get Her a nice card, and Put a check in it with a note telling Her That this is Your gift to Her,on Her special Day, and that You will help Her , with getting it connected...HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! to Your Mom..
Reply:If you%26#039;re looking for a fun personalized gift for your loved one, these personalized soaps from should do the trick. they make soaps with your photo or just message embedded inside. I got one for my boyfriend and he loved it. You can write all kinds of funny stuff.... My boyfriend thought it was super cute! .the %26quot;Think of me when you%26#039;re feeling dirty%26quot; soap was the one he loved the most

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Birthday Party?

Mrs. B, a school teacher, was turning 31. Her students all decided to throw her a party.

%26quot;What a great party!%26quot; she says.

Then it was time to give her her presents.

Mary, the daughter of the local candy shop owner, gives her a box.

%26quot;You%26#039;ll never guess what it is!%26quot; she said.

%26quot;Hmm,%26quot; says Mrs. B %26quot;Candy?%26quot;

%26quot;Yes! How did you guess?%26quot; she said.

Ricky, the florist%26#039;s son, gave her a box.

%26quot;You%26#039;ll never guess what it is!%26quot; he said.

%26quot;Hmm,%26quot; says Mrs. B %26quot;Flowers?%26quot;

%26quot;Yes! How did you guess?%26quot; he said.

It went on like this for a while.

Timmy, the son of the owner of the liquor shop, gave her a box. It had a yellow liquid dripping off a corner.

%26quot;You%26#039;ll never guess what it is!%26quot; he said.

Mrs. B tasted a tiny drop of liquid.

%26quot;Hmm,%26quot; says Mrs. B %26quot;Beer?%26quot;

%26quot;No,%26quot; he said.

Once again, Mrs. B tasted a tiny drop of liquid.

%26quot;Wine?%26quot; she asked.

%26quot;Noo,%26quot; he said.

Mrs. B tasted another tiny drop of liquid.

%26quot;Champagne?%26quot; she asked.

%26quot;Nooo! It%26#039;s a puppy!%26quot; he said.

Birthday Party?
Somebody just posted this...

ah, you reposted it. Yeah,

its a lot funnier now

that it has a punchline!

Good One!

boy...feel bad for the teacher

genealogy mormon

Birthday ideas for mom?

she%26#039;s turning 58 and i just gave her flowers for mothers day so i want to give her something else. Please don%26#039;t suggest jewelry b/c i have given her that every year and I want something different for her. The only thing I do have planned is that I%26#039;m baking a cake for her. So what%26#039;s something that she would appreciate?


Birthday ideas for mom?
You can make her something...

Baking cake is good idea, write her birthday card with beautiful poem or sth like that...

Make her something she likes or buy her sth she likes...

You can write what she likes so I can suggest you sth...

Hope I helped, and good luck!!
Reply:*throw her a party

*make her something

*take her on holiday
Reply:dus she birds, if she dus get her 1 of them ones dat tweet when u squeeze them!
Reply:make her something like a bracelet or soap is good

or if you want to go extreme throw a surprise bday party