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Any ideas for a birthday cake for my daughters 1st birthday next week?

I'd love to make her cake, something a little more than an iced sponge cake would be good, but I have no idea where to start!!

Although I am reasonably proficient in the kitchen, I am by no means an experienced cake decorator. Does anyone have any good ideas (with instructions please!) for a simple but effective cake? I was wondering about perhaps the hedgehog cake that was so impressive when we were younger... or a duck, or a ladybird would go down well with my daughter. Or a flower, seeing as her name is Daisy!

Pennies are limited at the moment, so buying fancy cake tins is out.

Many thanks for your ideas!

Any ideas for a birthday cake for my daughters 1st birthday next week?
If you look in local directory you will find cake makers/decorators.Most will rent out cake tins so you could rent a teddy-shaped tin etc.
Reply:goto a cheap supermarket and buy a cheap one and then put extra tacky pinkicing on it to look like you made it. I did that for my daughters 1st.....or...better what my sister does an get her nan to make one instead.
Reply:I would check on and use Kids Cake on the search. They have some really cute ideas for birthday cakes that are really simple and easy to make.
Reply:it's my sons 1st birthday on friday and i ordered a spongebob cake as he likes spongebob!i think a flower cake would be nice as you say her names Daisy.

good-luck and wish your daughter a early happy birthday!
Reply:make cupcakes and ice them with pink frosting. on the cupcakes, make a cute daisy flower with yellow and white frosting.
Reply:how about a simple lemon drizzle or something, you can make the decorations easily and it only has to be drizzled (hence the name of the cake)!
Reply:At craft stores or Walmart (craft section of coarse!) You can get the top half of a barbie doll.Make a round cake, like with a bundt pan. Once the cake is done and cooled, put the doll in the middle. You can use iceing and sprinkles to make her dress (Which is the cake). It's very cute! My aunt did this for her daughter's 1st!!!

You can also find great ideas at
Reply:Just a idea if you have a tesco's near you they make birthday cakes for you. All you do is take in a picture and it gets done for you, but have a look first at what they do and i dont think it was that expensive...... Just a idea
Reply:my girls love strawberries and the color pink. can't go wrong with a box cake if you are new to baking. get a strawberry cake mix and you can either get a white frosting and decorate with sprinkles(always a hit) or colored sugar, or even some cut up strawberries, or you can go pink on pink(pink frosting) and do your own combination decorations. just remember it's her 1st so any cake you put in front of her will make her just as happy and isn't that what counts?, believe me,the amount of money you spend does not.
Reply:Congrats FiFi :)

Try looking at these cakes...I'm sure you could improvise some, but they have great ideas...

You must look at this site first...I think you will find everything you need to make her the bestest first bday cake ever :) They also have such fun games and invitation ideas to make it a total theme...and it's all do-it-yourself things......kudos especially to M%26amp;M's for this site....(try looking at the kraft foods site too...they have nice ideas as well)
Reply:what is really good is a neopolitan layerd cake. First you cook a chocolate cake. let it cool and then put a vanilla cake in. while the vanilla cake is cooking you put anykind of icing that you like. take out the vanilla cake and put a strawberry cake in. while that one is cooking you put your favorite icing ontop of the vanilla and carefully put the vanilla cake ontop of the chocolate and put your favorite icing on that one. then you take out the strawberry cake and you can make a design but what is really good is putting vanilla icing and sprinkling strawberrys and chocolate chips ontop!
Reply:This is a great cake for a little girl. It is a daisy cake and it has a simple recipe and no special cake pan required. Here is the link...I think it would be perfect and it will impress your guests too!!!
Reply:Yay hedgehog!! I still remember the one my mum made me when I was small. Keep it simple and don't stress over it.

Hedgehog is probably easiest, is cheap %26amp; so cute. And really at 1 it's more for you %26amp; rest of family than the little one - she'll like the wrapping paper best!

Don't forget to take a photo.
Reply:For my children's get togethers I always go to

They have pretty good recipes and decorating ideas.
Reply:I think this rubber duckies in a bathbub cake is adorable! The bathtub is the cake. Blue jello makes the water. The directions look pretty easy, too.
Reply:How about you make cupcakes instead or there are places now that make cupcakes and place them side by side to form a shape of cake before icing. Then when they ice them , they do so in a way that it looks like a cake but it's not, it's really the cupcakes.
Reply:Fifi - can you cut out a paper pattern for the Daisy petals - take a round cake for the center and put the petals you cut out of another cake around it? You could frost/ice the center with yellow done with food coloring and the petals with white. I think it would be beautiful!!!

How about one of these for Daisy - one of our home cooking TV cooks here in the USA made it:

Sunshine Cake

Recipe courtesy Paula Deen

6 eggs, room temperature

1/2 cup cold water

2 cups sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract, or both

1 1/2 cups cake flour, sifted

1/2 teaspoon salt, plus pinch

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

Orange Butter Cream Frosting, recipe follows

Orange peel or zest, for garnish, optional

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Separate eggs carefully, putting whites in a large mixing bowl and yolks in another large mixing bowl. Beat egg yolks until light and foamy. Slowly add the water. Gradually beat in the sugar, then vanilla and/or almond extract; beat until pale and thick in texture (total beating time can be as long as 7 minutes). Sift flour again with salt and baking powder. Return to sifter and fold flour mixture into egg yolk mixture, sifting in a little at a time.

Beat egg whites gently until foamy. Add a pinch of salt and the cream of tartar. Increase the mixer speed and beat until they form moist, glossy peaks.

Pour the egg yolk mixture in thin stream over the entire surface of the egg white mixture, gently cutting and folding with rubber spatula, making sure everything is completely folded. Pour into an ungreased 10-inch round tube pan with a removable bottom. Draw a thin spatula gently through the batter to get rid of any large air pockets.

Bake on the second rack from the bottom of the oven for 1 hour. (The cake tends to fall a small amount after 50 minutes, so do not worry.)

Invert pan onto a rack and let cool out of the pan for 1 1/2 hours. Frost when cake is completely cooled. If desired, garnish cake with orange peel or zest.

Orange Butter Cream Frosting:

2 sticks butter

2 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Orange juice

Combine butter and sugar in a medium bowl. Add just enough orange juice to thin the frosting to a spreading consistency.
Reply:This may not work for her first birthday and if you're on a budget at the moment, but it's a good idea to keep in mind for future birthday ideas. When I was a little girl, my mom was famous for her cakes and she would make us a cake that showed whatever we were really into at the time....My Little Pony, Donald Duck (when I turned 2), Mickey Mouse, whatever. But she also made us little girls. They sell cake pans that are shaped like up-side down bells and all you do is make the cake itself in that shape and buy these little half Barbie things. Picture a Barbie body with a large tootpick instead of legs (she's cut off at the waist). You can use your daughter's Barbie clothes (or buy cheap ones) to cover her top, then decorate the cake however you want. You make her look like a princess, or a bride, or just like she's wearing a pretty dress. I've even seen one that looked like a mermaid sitting on a rock. You'll need to buy cake decorator tips and either buy, or learn to make, the stiffer icing needed for that kind of project.

Go to your local arts %26amp; crafts store to find all of the supplies and most often, the pan comes with decorating ideas. I made a bride for my best friend a few years ago for her engagement party and it was a big hit.

Good luck and Happy Birthday, Daisy!
Reply:you can make a bunt cake and its easy and fun to decorate you can even stick a barbi in the top middle part you might have to take of its legs though thats what my mom did for my cousin
Reply:Make loads of rice crispy buns. Use what ever recipe you have.

Make a conical out of thick paper.

Using glaced icing, icing sugar and water spread on bottom of bun cases and starting at the bottom of the conical layer the buns until you reach the top.

Decorate which party poppers, popped away from child, and drape over buns.

Did this for my daughter's first and it had many compliments as it looked wonderful but was actually very easy to make and totally stress free.
Reply:I got exactly what you need easy fast and cheap all in one

you could bake cup cake or a cake

theres some recipe here at the Michaels (The Arts %26amp; Craft store) website:

I picked out myself some recipe I taught you might like:

(especially for b-day celebration)

(especially made for a 1st year old b-day)

(easy n looks fancy and nice)

you could also search for cake or cupcake and maybe you like something else the website is:

and theres also some classes you could learn more about it by asking on your local michaels or you could ask someone taking the classes to help you and like that they are able to practice or take the classes for a few days to learn the basics
Reply:Fanny the Fish


1 (8 inch) square prepared yellow cake


Start with a cooled 9-inch square cake. From one corner, measure 5 inches along one side and 5 1/2 inches along the other. Cut on a curve through the points. Divide this in half, cutting on a curve to make two fins. From opposite corner, measure 6 inches along sides, and cut on a curve for tail.

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Mom-avid gardener, birthday coming up, loves sunflowers-present ideas?

my mom is turning 58 this year next month---her favorite flower is Sunflowers and she is an AVID gardener...what can I get her?

I was thinking maybe a sunflower set of garden stuff-like garden gloves with sunflowers on them, a flower pot with sunflowers on them, some stuff like that...where can I get gardening tools with sunflowers on them...or really any nice sunflower gift?

I hate to say this, but since I got a new place I'm on a budget and can not spend more than $50-$75 this year (I wish I had more to work with...)

I'm open to ideas and suggestions-any help greatly appreciated

thanks in advance!

Mom-avid gardener, birthday coming up, loves sunflowers-present ideas?
you can always try Home Depot, Lowes or any other hardware store that also has a gardening department.

Or you could look up your local greenhouses and buy stuff from there. Where I live, there is a local Amish farmer's market that sells a lot of gardening stuff %26amp; plants.

Good luck with finding your mom a present. :)
Reply:Get her the sunflower gloves and tools and some Sunflower decals and Laminate them on the tools. Maybe even a sunflower caddy or a tool rack? There's tons of stuff out there you can by and make for your mom.
Reply:How about two pairs of gloves? One for each of you, a nice card (with sunflowers) and some seedlings or seed packets along with a day spent gardening with her %26amp; maybe bring over lunch, too. This will be well within your budget, your mom will understand not spending much due to your circumstances, but will probably love %26amp; cherish the time spent with you.
Reply:There are many many many different types of about a large collection of different seeds for her...some tall, short, red, orange, yellow...whatever. I don't think the cost will matter to her when it's given from the heart.
Reply:Maybe send her flowers from a website like Their prices aren't to bad. They have quite a few different kinds of flowers. I'm pretty sure they have sunflowers. The only problem is when you get them in (shey ship through ups) you have to put it together yourself. Hope I helped!
Reply:Sunflowers are very nice and cheery. I found this site for you. It has some beautiful sunflower spinners, sun dials and things of that nature. You could probably check out some gardener sites online for nifty little gifts. I'm sure no matter what you get her she's gonna love it. That's just what moms do. Good luck!!

Also my sister the avid gardener loves this site

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I'm making birthday cupcakes for my mom today. Looking for a great recipe.?

I would like to use piped icing, then a flower on top as decoration (a real, edible flower, or fondant-made)

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm making birthday cupcakes for my mom today. Looking for a great recipe.?
Use your favorite cake recipe, don't limit your search to cupcake recipies. It's the same batter, different size. I like chardonnay cake with fresh fruit. As far as flowers, orchids are edible and come in great colors. Some other common edible flowers are pansies, Johnny Jump Ups, clovers and roses. Candied rose petals are great, and would be suitable for a dessert. Cook them in simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water). When you remove them gently, sprinkle them with more sugar.

9 cups powdered sugar

4 1/2 tablespoons powdered egg whites

12 tablespoons warm water

2 drops food coloring (Paste Food Coloring works best)


1) Combine powdered sugar, powered egg whites and water until smooth. (Water can be adjusted to obtain the right consistency.)The consistency of the icing should be firm enough so that when a spoon is withdrawn, the icing which is drawn up will not settle back, but stay in exactly the shape drawn. However, do not make the icing too stiff or it will not flow freely through the decorator bag with tip.

2) Separate Icing into separate bowls. Add a different color of Paste Food Coloring to each bowl of Icing to obtain the desired colors for decorating the cookies.

3) Place the Piped Icing in a decorating bag fitted with a decorating tip and decorate cookies.

4) Let cookies dry completely prior to storing them.
Reply:Does she like Bacon?
Reply:Betty crocker click go to baking section. use ice cream cones to bake them in colored ones are fun.
Reply:1/2 cups white chocolate melting wafers

1/4 cup each orange, pink and yellow decorating sugar

50 assorted orange, pink and yellow spice drops

Black licorice laces

24 blackberry jellies with black nonpareils, or Crows or black gumdrops

48 yellow M%26amp;M’s

1 can (16 oz) vanilla frosting

12 vanilla cupcakes baked in white paper liners

Multicolored chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (see Note)

24 candy spearmint leaves, sliced horizontally in thirds

48 natural almond slices


1. Daisies: Put the flower petal template on a baking sheet and cover with wax paper. Put white chocolate melting wafers in a ziptop bag; do not seal. Microwave 10 seconds to soften. Squeeze, return to microwave and repeat until smooth. Press out excess air and seal. Snip a small corner from the bag. Pipe outline of the petal with melted chocolate and fill in with more chocolate. Tap pan lightly to settle. Repeat, making 108 petals. Refrigerate to set, about 5 minutes.

2. Phlox: Sprinkle work surface with the orange sugar. Press 2 orange spice drops together and roll out on the sugared surface to 1/16 in. thick. Follow the template (see Note in margin) to cut out the flower shapes with clean scissors. Repeat with the remaining sugar and the spice drops of each color to make about 30 flowers.

3. Bees: For each bee, cut a licorice lace into three 3/4-in. pieces; cut each in half lengthwise for antennae. Cut 3 pieces of licorice into 1/2-in. pieces and taper one end for the stinger.

4. Cut the blackberry candy in half crosswise. Place a yellow M%26amp;M flat against the cut side of the blackberry candy piece. Place the other cut end on the other side of the M%26amp;M, to sandwich. Trim a small slice from flat end of the blackberry candy. Attach 2 pieces of licorice as antennae, and another M%26amp;M as the head.

5. Spoon 1/4 cup vanilla frosting into a ziptop bag, press out excess air and seal. Spread remaining vanilla frosting on top of cupcakes.

6. Peel white chocolate petals from wax paper. Cut orange spice drops in half crosswise. Using about 6 petals per flower, arrange 3 flowers on each of six cupcakes. Place orange spice drops, cut side down, in center of petals. Add spearmint leaf slices.

7. Using 5 flowers per cupcake, arrange phlox on cupcakes. Pipe a small dot of white frosting in the center of each flower and add a sunflower seed. Add spearmint leaves.

8. Put 2 bee bodies on top of a cupcake. Add licorice stingers at tail ends. Press 2 almond slices into frosting as wings.



Tattoo for my birthday!?

i want 2 get a tattoo on my B-day. i want a purple LILLY flower on the top of my back close 2 my neck. the meaning of the flower would B "happiness" and the color would B the birth stone of my daughter month.

what do u guys think?

Tattoo for my birthday!?
Yup... it looks hot on the back of the neck! I got a tattoo (a bar code) on the back of my neck and people find it awesome and also there's no point of having a tattoo if people can't see it!
Reply:check chrisso flower speacialist

or kathyprettyininktattoo on myspace

or pretty in ink tattoo on you tube
Reply:Sounds very cute :)
Reply:That would be nice as long as it's not on your neck.
Reply:That would be nice, as long as it suits you. Good luck!

White Teeth

How would you feel?

If working in a department of 3 (all three are women) with one being the boss.

How would you feel if your boss bought birthday flowers for the coworker and 4 months ago bought nothing to you or even said happy b-day?

How would you feel?
I'd feel like she was playing favorites and wasn't very professional. It's an indication of things to come. You might want to start looking for another job.
Reply:I'd think "who cares". Flowers die.

But now, if the boss looked over me for a promotion that I deserved and the other girl didn't, or if she gave the other girl time off and not me, something like that, then we'd have us a serious problem on our hands.
Reply:I'd feel a little hurt but wouldn't take it too personal. I agree maybe she didn't know it was your birthday. I would probably just make a light hearted joke and say. "What no flowers for me?" But I would make sure I only say it if I know my boss well and she wouldn't be offended. This way if she didn't know, she will probably tell you or it will be a polite way of pointing out that you don't feel she should be showing favorites.

If they are friends outside of the office then those things should stay outside of the office (since one is a supervisor and it shows favoritism).
Reply:I'd notice that, too! It is rude, but maybe they are reallllly close -- like closer than you could imagine. Just hold your head up high, ignore it, don't say a thing, and you'll be above that behavior, and they won't even know it bothered you. That's the professional way of brushing off crap. You go girl!
Reply:i would feel horrible!!! It must be that the boss doesnt like you.

But you should get over it and move on. Maby the boss doesnt know you that well and is close to the other person.
Reply:It's tacky on the part of the boss - when you manage others, you can't have favorite children or you create exactly what is happening here - the perception that some employees are more special than others.

You could make a joke about it to let her know that you noticed ("Hey, what do I have to do to earn flowers on MY birthday?"), or you could just let it go. Other people's rudeness is not your problem.

BTW - happy belated birthday! :)
Reply:First, does she know when your birthday is? This sounds pretty basic, but with all the stuff that cannot be asked anymore without offending someone, its possible they aren't aware of it.

Second, did you do anything for their birthdays? Many times its sort of a thing that people only do to reciprocate what has been done for them.

That being said, I understand what its like to be the forgotton one. I worked for five years at a company of about 25 people, very close knit group, and we celebrated everything. I am a cake baker, so I would bake for everyone, but in those five years, no one ever did this for me. It was pretty hurtful, because they did know when my birthday was, because it was the same as another person in the office and it was usually around when I took a vacation. This shunning was part of the reason I didn't like working there. Afterward, everyone said they never baked me a cake because mine were so nice they were afraid to try! Its hard to take personal rejection, but your job isn't a social club, and if its a good job, then try to concentrate on other things. If this is still bothering you four months later, you are really holding onto some bitter feelings that are affecting your health. Try to just let it go. If you really really really want a birthday cake next year, just ask now if you can institute a regular birthday party for all employees to boost morale. Then it won't seem like you are just doing it for yourself.
Reply:I'll be OK, not all people are obligated to notice you on a personal level specially if you are co-workers but not Friends, maybe the other lady is more friends wit her, but definitely I wouldn't care, it would hurt me if it was my best friend the one that didn't say anything. Good luck, Cheer Up! :)
Reply:I would be very upset. But does the boss know when your birthday is. Your boss is in the wrong but why don't you speak to your co-worker who got the flowers and ask her how the boss knew her birthday.
Reply:I'd be hurt but I'd get over it....maybe they are closer friends outside of work? Maybe she didn't know it was your Birthday?

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Do I have any hope of reconciling?

I have been married for almost 18 years and recently my wife left me with our two kids. I sent birthday flowers to another woman and lied to my wife about it. I, also, began viewing internet porn sites (Playboy, etc...nothing perverse or illegal) with increased frequency. She has interpreted these actions as my loss of interest and love for her and is not showing any interest in reconciling even though most of her friends and family believe we have too much to give up over this. We have both gone to counseling (separate and together) and I am trying everything to show her how much she means to me but with little effect. She is also receiving almost daily aadvice from a friend of hers who is undergoing a messy divorce/ separation which is adversely affecting her desire to reconcile.

Do I have any hope of reconciling?
Maybe there have been cracks in your marriage for a while thats why you sent flowers to another woman and she was just waiting for an excuse to leave you.
Reply:not possible if only one is willing to reconcile because only works if two people work at it not one so both have to be interested. sounds like no unless she changes her mind and in this world anything is possible for those who believe in faith and having just a mustard seed can move mountains. good luck.
Reply:if you were my guy %26amp; you sent flowers to another woman %26amp; lie as well about it %26amp; went to porn sites I dont know how bad playboy is but if its porn its porn well you would be history with me because that is all you have been caught for

I would never forgive a cheater because they are liars %26amp; i hate liars %26amp; thats why your wife wont forgive you because you cheated when you gave another woman flower's %26amp; viewing porn
Reply:lol man! you f'd up----we all do sometimes. all of the attention you can give her is suspect now and it may always be. Until she is ready to forgive you there is not a thing you can do. Don't stop trying though if you are sincere about her but I can tell you----God does things in mysterious ways---what i once thought was the end of everything for me led me into a new beginning--a new life---a better life. He may bring her back -- He may not-- he teaches forgiveness---forgive yourself first---and CHANGE DUDE! maybe she will see it--- the first thing she will need is a newfound faith in you---give her reason to believe in you.
Reply:ive seen a similar situation to this except the guy was doing drugs instead of looking at porn . he really loved his wife but she couldnt get past what he did so she moved out and moved in with her lesbian friend , needless to say the lesbian friend did everything in her power to keep them seperated . so unfortunately she never took him back and started a nasty divorce that has cost them both a fortune all because other people told her she was better than him and to "leave his ***" . now, i could see where your wife would be concerned over the flowers but after 18 years of marriage a little slip up here or there is very common so that is something that she should be able to get over . the fact that you are looking at porn shows that you are fantasizing about kinky sex acts that your wife probably doesnt want to engage in and most guys do look at porn married or not , her issue with the porn could be that she is insecure and feels that she cant compare to those girls and that you wont respect her no woman likes not feeling good enough.

wrap up : if you have already been to counseling and it isnt having an effect the marriage is probably over, unfortunately you loving her completely isnt enough it takes two to make a marriage work . give a little more effort and if she refuses to work with you instead of against you let it go and try to live out the rest of your life the best way you can.
Reply:ask her if she loves you. tell her the truth and that if you love each other enough youll make it work. Tell her that theres nothing you cant overcome if you stick together.
Reply:what a mess you are in... I want to first ask-did you cheat on her? if that answer is no, than she needs to sit down and be an adult with you. Why did you lie about the flowers to a friend? Was it because you dont sent flowers to your wife.

Porno is a problem. You need to see where she is coming from in this issue. Those playboy girls are hotties. She is probably thinking you wished your wife was one of those girls. She probably feels ugly and not very sexy.

How to fix this. Well for starters realizing it cannot be fixed over night. Women need time. though not to much time, you need to ask her if there is even hope for reconciling, because if there is not, then why waste your time. !8 years is alot so she needs to man up a bit.

My only other comment is sometimes relationships were already doomed before they doomed. Married people often forget that your love and romance is a fire, if you dont put wood(i.e. excitement, thrill) into it, the fire goes out. Most couples use excuses like I dont have time, I am tired. We must remember that in the end, all we have left is each other, so we need to also keep each other close.

Make sure that you apologize to her, in a special way, that you know will make her sparkle. Flowers are a clique. Take her to her favorite restaurant, make her her favorite meal, write her a poem. What ever it is she fancys do it and then tell her you really want to add fire back into your love life...
Reply:Well, it ain't over till it's over. You nailed the issue right on the head though. At least you have backbone to be honest about it. I cannot speak for your wife, but had my husband done that, I would end it as well. Maybe you should send her flowers everyday and ask her to go on a dates. If you really want her and not your freedom, you will have to go over the top and prove it. People make mistakes. When you know your partner is truly sorry, you may want to give it another chance. But, it would take a huge effort on your part to get your foot in the door. Flowers, letters, cards, buy her gifts, call her...but don't fight with her. If she gets angry with you, listen to her. My husband also did similar, but also no affair, and he did everything he could to prove he did not want to lose me. It worked. And I believe he will never do it again. Although there are times I still worry if he is trustworthy. But, it gets better with time. Good luck with this and keep us posted on your progress. I really hope you do win her back!
Reply:Your wife is insecure and vulnerable. She needs to be convinced of your love and support for her (which could include your absence). When she believes, she may return.
Reply:There is a couple of things you can try which will give you the opportunity, if she agrees, to start on the road to recovering your marriage as it sounds as though there is no talk of divorce yet. Which is a good sign!

1) You can call her, if she is accepting your calls and ask her to go to dinner, just to talk. Dont be too desperate and emotional when you ask her as she will look at it as a weakness in you. Give her a week to get back to you.

2) Write her a letter. Write it from the heart and list all the reason's for wanting to make it work. List all the irresponsibilities you have placed on the marriage. Include how your actions made you feel and try to recognise and understand how this made her feel and say it! You are not asking for a second chance for you but a chance to contribute to fixing your marriage together and you need her input also. You cannot do this on your own. Give her a week to respond to the dinner invitation and mention this in the letter and say you'll check in with her in a week if thats ok.

If she wants to fix the marriage, she will respond to one of the above. If she doesnt want to fix it and has really had a change of heart, she wont.

Ask her to tell the truth on how she feels. I would begin seeing another counsellor and start from the beginning of where things went wrong, and be honest!

If you get the opportunity with her again, then write everything down on paper together. List all the things that have gone wrong and how you both felt under the circumstances. And most important, listen to eachother. It's easy to hear someone, but really listening, comes from the heart. She needs to do the same.

Sometimes a good friend can act as a great mediator when you both struggle to understand eachother. Try it, if she agrees.

If she really loves you and wants to work it out, this will work.

Good luck and let us know the outcome.


Fundraising ideas for the office?

We're just a little office (25), but we like to have money for employee birthday flowers, special lunches, etc. With this few people, I'm looking for ideas on how to raise a bit more petty cash from within.

Fundraising ideas for the office?
There are so many things to you have a BJ's or Sam's Club, or some place available to purchase items in bulk? where i work, we sell candy bars for $1 each. we purchase @ BJ's. of course you would need start-up cash. unfortunately, it takes cash to make cash, but buying in bulk can be a good way to start. is your office open to the public? that way people coming in could also take part, although if it is just used for inhouse events, i probably wouldn't go there. we do it for the United Way, and we have signs posted stating where the funds are going. we also have about 150 employees, and the public helping. maybe, you could start having employees contribute a certain dollar amount a month or year that would help to cover some costs. cut the birthday flowers down to a single rose, to be able to have more available for special lunches. the person who just had the last birthday will be responsible for providing the cake for the next birthday, homemade works too...with a small office it will be harder to raise funds from could contact a tupperware dealer (or some other item that there may be an interest in) in your area to discuss fundraising. the employees could have their friends and families make purchases and your office would get a percentage of the sales.